Which Mountain Bike Should You Buy?

By George Steele

Picking out a new bike for anyone especially a new biker can be a real challenge if one pays heed to every new endorsement on the net/newspaper. Every bike has been designed in such a way that it meets the needs of the biker of every genre in a satisfactory. Bikes available in the stores are available for a cost-effective price of $500 and for a pricey note of $10,000 too.

Purchasers are expected to consider many factors before they finally choose a bike. These factors play a crucial role at the time of purchase and are the type of riding the rider will be doing and the region in which the rider will go for a ride. You may have to list out many options before you finally go for the purchase of a bike. For instance, if the region where you want to roam your bike is the region of steep mountain trails, shopping for a downhill bike is not such a good idea.

If you reside in a region wherein you can try a variety of biking styles, you choose any of the groovy models that match-up with terrific acts.

Be it a cross-country bike or a free ride bike, the bike you choose at the time of purchase depends a lot on your riding style. You can opt for any bikes as per your riding styles but the basic concept based on which all these bikes have been fashioned remains the same.

'All mountain bike' is one variant that most of the purchasers opt for. These bikes have been patterned in a manner that they can be used for all-purpose and riding styles. You can ride comfortably on any form of terrains with this bike.

When viewed at a glance externally cross country bikes and mountain bikes may seem similar to most of the new riders, even when they have may things dissimilar in their make-up. Riders who are mainly looking for the speed attribute in their bike should opt for the purchase of a cross-country bike. It is for this reason that narrow tires are installed in these bikes.

Fabricated in a tougher way the Freeride bikes are ideal for rough off road terrain. They are heavy in weight and can be used to perform even innovative stunts on road trails. The bulky weight component of these bikes is supportive at the time of stunts.

Purchasers rarely go for the buy of Downhill bikes. These bikes are only meant for going down the slope and cannot be used for going up a slope, as they are heavy. The design of Downhill bikes is made in such a way that they can be used only for easy motion in a downhill manner.

Buyers are always advised to go through the in-depth details of every bike variant before buying one. You should have an exact idea in your mind about the usage of the bike as each one of them is designed to fulfill a specific need of a ride. - 30330

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Get The Mountain Bike Of Your Choice At A Reasonable Choice

By Howard Brown

The market for mountain bike brands is filled with hundreds of brands each competing for consumers' interest but only a few are capable of performing on the terrain. Thus, the consumer should be aware of the quality of the bike they are purchasing.

You have several frame materials as your choice as well as other options that determine the type of bike that's right for you such as the type of terrain you will be riding your bike in and whether you want to perform stunts.

The price of a mountain bike is another factor to consider. Prices range from a low of $500 to as high as $10,000 for the prestigious models. In between these prices are great bikes but you need to know what to look for.

All these factors should be taken into consideration before making your purchase. You'll need a strong frame for performing stunts and a light frame for speed.

Mountain biking is fun but you also need the right mountain bike and gear. It is a sport or hobby that carries with it some danger so you need the proper gear. The gear you'll need include a good helmet and clothes that can withstand a fall were you to encounter one.

A lot of bikers do not wear the proper gear and many do not think much of it until they fall off their bikes and end up in the hospital. You should choose quality gear that protects you in case you fall off the bike at high speeds.

For most riders their choice of bikes will come from one of four categories which are downhill, all mountain, freeride, and cross country. Within each of these categories are several options to choose from but the bikes in each category are similar in design.

An all mountain bike is the category that will appeal to most buyers in that it does everything the average biker wants to do. Cross country bikes are built for speed, freeride are built for rough terrains and downhill are built for going downhill and are usually very heavy.

Based on these categories it is easy for the rider to choose which category he or she fits in and the type of bike based on the riding he or she will be doing. Given this information you'll be able to pick the bike that's right for you. - 30330

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Taking On the Mountain With Only Two Tires: The New Sport Of Mountain Biking

By Damian Papworth

These days, sports are more about innovation and challenges than ever before. Not content to simply go surfing, people now drop in out of helicopters, get towed out to the middle of the ocean to ride weird swells, and take on waves taller than skyscrapers with little to no protection. And that's just the sport of surfing!

With so many ski resorts wondering how to attract guests in the off-season, it's no wonder that someone took a look at one of those ski runs once the snow melted and thought to themselves, "What a perfect place to go for a bike ride." Sure, the origins of mountain biking are a little bit more complicated than that, but that's basically the long and the short of it.

Rather than simply riding a bicycle across town, or even riding one around a track, mountain biking freed the bicycle from its pavement environment. Now, riding a bicycle was more about balance, since mountain trails had to be dealt with. Different riders, in urban areas, even put their own twist on things and figured out ways to make city riding challenging, taking to natural obstacles in much the same way that skateboarders did.

Yes, during the course of mountain biking, there have been many developments in different styles and techniques. Whether it's learning to do a backflip while flying through the air or just going out and riding a designated trail for a couple of hours, there are many different approaches to the sport of mountain biking, all of them correct, fun, and healthy.

The best way to get to know mountain biking is by getting to know the different categories of riding. There's trails, where bicyclists can be either in a more urban area or off-road, but the main goal of hopping over different objects without placing feet on the ground. It looks a little bit like those courses with jumps and hills, but is a little more extreme.

Next, there's dirt jumping, one of the other newer variations of the sport, which involves launching bicycles and riders off of man-made or naturally occurring jumps, where the object is to complete a series of tricks before landing on the ground. The protective gear for this is usually more extreme, and riders usually have a great deal of practice before heading into this style of riding.

Since not everyone has access to mountain trails or even large urban parks, a popular style for those living in cities, especially teenagers, is known as urban or street riding. The only gear needed here is a bicycle, usually one with a smaller frame and smaller wheels that is lighter to carry. Riders go out alone or in groups, and like skateboarders who used to figure out how to ride railings and sidewalks, do very much the same thing with their bicycles. Balance and creativity is a huge component to this style of riding.

The best jumping off point for most riders is simple cross-country, which can encompass any number of different environments, terrains, and conditions. A cross-country mountain bike ride can be a simple affair, with lots of break time to enjoy the weather, or it can be more strenuous and involve a great deal of attempting to ride uphill, to navigate slippery or muddy areas, or having to jump around obstacles.

For riders who have graduated past basic cross-country, a number of professionals in the field have more challenging styles ready and waiting. The newest and fastest take on cross-country is something called speed cross, which is also known as short cross. With short cross, a very short course with a great deal of obstacles is prepared, and riders take turns seeing who can maneuver it the fastest without falling down.

No matter the style, there's no mistaking how helpful this sport can be to building a connection for the young and the old alike with taking their sporting endeavors outside. Like many sports of innovation, mountain biking and all of its new forms is truly here to stay. - 30330

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Why Buy A Full Suspension Mountain Bike?

By Hazel Wig

Full suspension mountain bikes are usually the top of the range models and every year manufacturers make better, lighter and cheaper full suspension bikes. If you are in the market for a full suspension mountain bike, read on and find out the most important factors to consider.

It is usually best to strat your search for a new mountain bike by considering the sort of riding you will be doing - what type of terrain will you cover? For typical cross country (XC) riding a full suspension mountain bike may not be necessary and the extra weight could slow you down. A hardtail bike (no rear suspension) could be a good alternative. However for downhill riding or over very rough terrain a full suspension bike would be the preferred choice.

Decide on the amount you want to spend a keep to this figure. Ideally, you should aim to buy the best bike that fits within your budget. It is often suggested that if you have less than 500 euros to spend on a bike you might want to look at a hardtail bike as full suspension models are more costly. Another option would be to look at buying a second hand full suspension bike at a reduced price.

If a full suspension mountain bike is the right choice, you will then need to consider the alternative frame designs. Single-pivot, multi link and cantilever are a few of the options but there is a vast selection of different designs and each has their pros and cons. The best way to really understand the difference is to visit a few large bike stores and test ride the different options. The bike store will have qualified staff that can provide full details of the choices available.

Full suspension bikes are more complex and can be significantly heavier than hardtail bikes. Full suspension frames are also a little heavier and will require more effort to pedal along the trail.

Browse through some of the many online mountain bike forums, where you can learn find out what other riders are saying about their own bikes. You can learn a lot from the experiences of other people.

Remember make an allowance for maintenance costs. Full suspension bikes will require an increased level of maintenance due to the more complex system. If you are a DIY type you will need a few extra tools as well.

Finally, test ride as many different mountain bikes as you can before buying. And remember you can also test ride a full suspension mountain bike with the front and or rear shock locked out, to simulate the effect of a hard tail. - 30330

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Breckenridge: Mountain Biking Trails for All

By Monique Mertrandes

Mountain biking has become one of the most popular activities in Breckenridge because the place offers the right trail for you - whether you want it easy, difficult or in between. Do not be concerned about the bike because you can choose from a wide range of rental options. Bikers also get to reach the beautiful but distant places in Breckenridge.

Breck Biking Benefits: As the last reminders of winter melt down the mountain and spectacular colors signal the beginning of spring, mountain bikers troop to the various trails in Breckenridge. The perfect environment in the biking trails continues as summer brings mild temperatures and the scenic beauty in the mountains remains. Ultimately, fall comes with the poetic beauty of the quaking aspen trees turning golden yellow and giving the Colorado trails an almost magical atmosphere.

Totally Friendly Biking: The wide range of terrain and trails is another major attraction why bikers find their way to Breckenridge. Extreme bikers can get as much challenge as the novice or group riders. For example, taking the Boreas Pass, an undemanding trail that is suitable for biking groups or families, brings bikers to a relaxed and educational trip. Along the way, bikers can stop by and examine the old water tanks or the old rail beds which are part of the historical remains of Breckenridge. Possibly, a trouble-free way to reach Boreas Pass is to leave everything except your bike by the Breckenridge Ice Rink, then embark on the climb to Boreas Pass Road, a wide path that takes riders all the way through the stunning aspen groves.

Benefit from your pain: Bikers who want to experience the challenges of elevated trails will not be disappointed in Breckenridge. One challenge would be the eleven-mile ride to the summit of Hoosier Pass which is at the south end of Breckenridge. Bikers have the additional challenge of riding through the ups and downs of switchbacks with motorists. However, the hardship is lessened by the spectacular view along the way and the thought of conquering a spot 11,000 feet above sea level. It is clear that the twin difficulties brought by the hazards of riding with motorists and the abrupt elevation gain to Hossier Pass should only be attempted by experienced and physically qualified bikers.

Mountain Biking: Perhaps, riding a bike is the best way to have a really good look around Breckenridge Ski Resort. Move toward Peak 9, going to the Beaver Run Resort in order to reach the Burro Trail, a perfect ride to forests and other beautiful part of Breckenridge. It is important to know that from Burro Trail, each turn brings visitors to other scenic places in Breckenridge. For instance, going to Spruce Creek Road is a good starting point to go down the mountain or proceed to McCullough Gulch.

Borrowing is Allowed: Going to Breckenridge can be trouble-free. Travelers need not worry about excess baggage since equipment like mountain bikes and their accessories needed for going to the trails are available at the Breckenridge rental shops. And one can rely on the options offered by Breckenridge rentals to find the right vacation homes, condos or townhomes. Visitors can instead spend more time on the trails or at any desired destination.

Mountain biking is more fun and exciting in Breckenridge. So, get on your bike and discover more fantastic places in Breckenridge. - 30330

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Buying Your First Mountain Bike

By Harry Pearson

People from all walks of lives who love adventures will surely love to have fun with mountain bikes. They will certainly be in high spirits to buy a mountain bike for their own riding through the muddy rough trails.

Mostly, men would love to do this. If you are seeking extreme sports or just a plain leisure, biking is one of the most preferred and advised activity to engage yourself with. As with any outdoor sport, selecting the right equipment and an understanding of the sport will be the key to a great adventure.

Never go for the super-stores. They have their showcases full with low quality bikes but offering you at a very higher rate. The shop-styles or brand-like outlooks might be convincing, but these shops are certainly not so reliable.

If you want to have your own mountain bike, don't go for the super-stores. The showcases that they offer are full with low quality bikes but offering you at a very higher rate. Also, the shop-styles or brand-like outlooks might be convincing, but these shops are certainly not so trustworthy. The alluring get-ups of the shops are tricks to a lot of people. Mostly, chance that the bikes you will find are poorly made and served with no additional guarantees.

To have a better choice and in order to find the best bike that will suit you try to go to the local shops for a quality purchase. First you move to the small shops. Have some queries about the local bikes available. Search for the potential ones. You also confirm that your bikes are lighter so that you can easily move with them. Then you go out for a test drive. Go to the high hills, on the rough trails. Check out for the instruments qualities and instant services.

If you are in the market for a new bike or even for your first bike, you definitely need to check out the one that will satisfy your need and choice. - 30330

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A Haven for Mountain Bikers: Portes du Soleil

By Quinito Raggezza

Have you ever spent a moment thinking why a mountain bike is called as such? If you drove your bike in urban settings, then the thought would not have probably crossed your mind. But if you have experienced blitzing through a downhill trail from a mountain top, then the whole term makes a lot of sense.

You, in all honesty, are missing a lot if you haven't actually tried to conquer a real mountain trail with your mountain bike. If you so choose to do it, it is highly recommended that you head to Portes du Soleil in France. You also make sure it is summer when you drop by the place.

Portes du Soleil and the snow-covered tops of Dents du Midi Mountains in the Northern French Alps comprise one of the world's extraordinary network of mountain biking trails. The Mecca of mountain biking, Portes du Soleil druing the summer is flocked by hard core mountain bikers. And for a lot of good reasons at that.

The largest lift served mountain bike trail area in the world is located in Portes du Soleil. That alone is makes mountain bikers really want to visit the place. But what really attracts mountain bikers from all over the world to Portes du Soleil are the number of challenging trails and routes Portes du Soleil brings to the table.

Portes du Soleil offers cross country bikers with a number of uphill tracks and climbs that challenges their pride and skill. Downhill riders are offered with a quite a few tracks and trails built designed for the downhill ride. Levels of difficulty of the trails range from easy to dangerous. Portes du Soleil also treats freeriders with trails where they can just ride and enjoy the beauty of the place, such as technical forest single track, bike parks, exposed steep faces and north shore trails.

Portes du Soleil is also a great place for a family holiday. You can bring your friends and loved ones with you and enjoy a whole week biking the region. You'll definitely have a great time navigating easy bike trails that traverse through the forests and go by majestic streams. And trails designed for family enjoyment are not as challenging and steep so there is no need to worry.

Portes du Soleil's vast land houses a lot of numerous trails that invites the natural biker out of everyone. And it comes as no surprise that many people herd to Portes du Soleil . Specked with stunning alpine resorts, great value accommodation and the glorious back drop of the Dents du Midi mountains and the Mont Blanc range, no wonder why many see Portes du Soleil as a place to let the biker out in you. - 30330

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